How to Grow Your Association Sponsorships, Part One


Your corporate and institutional sponsors play a vital role in supporting your association’s mission through both the funding they provide and the implicit endorsement that comes with supporting your activities.  After all, they have put their name and brand beside yours — positioning themselves publicly alongside you and your mission. Are you doing everything you can to reward that support and to create win-win relationships that will stand the test of time?

Association sponsorship is big business.  By some estimates, sponsorship spending on associations and professional societies reached some $590 M in 2015, and continues to grow. There is a lot of money being spent, so how does your association capture its fair share and continue to do so year over year?

Today’s corporate sponsors understand the role they play, are savvier than ever and have high expectations.  They are looking for real value, value often missing from the cookie cutter gold, silver and bronze sponsorship levels still offered by many groups.  While those are outdated, they have one notion right – that like metal, sponsorships need to be shaped and forged.

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About the Author:

Anne Doherty Johnson is the founder of ADJ Association Management & Marketing, a company that helps member based organizations and professional service firms grow their clientele and revenues. The firm specializes in the technology, financial services and health care industries.


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