When Should You Issue a Press Release?

Press releases are an often overlooked way to spread the news about your business or organization.  Chances are, with the varied media out there today, there is an audience hungry for your news.  Here are a few tips to help you determine when and where to send a press release.

First, when should you think about sending one?  The following are just three categories that are good triggers for a press release.

#1 – Changes to your staff, products, services or offerings.

Have you added or promoted a member of your staff?  Are you rolling out a new product?  Are you speaking at an upcoming conference?  All make great fodder for press releases.

#2 – Have you won an award, been recognized for your work or volunteer accomplishments, achieved an educational degree or completed a training program?

News about achievement is important to share with your customers, prospects and friends and colleagues.  Anything that differentiates you from the competition or shines the light on the work you do or the contributions you make is worth promoting.

#3 – Are you celebrating a milestone of some kind in your business?

Major milestones around business can make for interesting stories if you get creative.  In today’s economy, celebrating the success and survival of your business can itself be news if you frame it right.

The next item you want to think about is where to send your release.  To be sure, the examples above unlikely to land you on the evening news or the cover of the New York Times.  But remember to think about what local media your customers read.  These are ideal places for you to get some coverage or help you pick up some business. Many locally focused media outlets are looking for local content like this to fill short announcement columns that get widely read.  To increase your chances of maximizing these opportunities, be sure to include a recent and professionally taken photograph.  Seeing your face and name in the press will help you remain top of mind with customers and increase your visibility with prospects.

Reporters for local media are also hungry for the local angle on major events as well as for feature stories.  On slow news days, even light news items like these can get picked up in surprising places, particularly if your press release is compelling and interesting.

There are hundreds of reasons why you might want to issue a press release about your business.  With the right planning, your news could land you some nice free coverage in media that is read by those you most want to see it.

© 2015 Anne Doherty Johnson

About the Author
Anne Doherty Johnson is marketing strategist with expertise in growing engagement and revenues for member based organizations. She has over 20 years experience working for membership organizations  matched by leadership roles  for professional and non-profit associations. She views membership from both sides of the table , having been and still serving as both a professional provider and personal consumer of membership services. Equipped with a keen business sense and public relations savvy, she has created successful marketing campaigns to sell memberships, events, products and services.  She has also counseled corporations and individuals on how to maximize memberships in pursuit of their goals.  Contact her at http://www.annedohertyjohnson.com.

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